Minor Prophets, Major Lessons

Minor Prophets Message Series Artwork

Minor Prophets, Major Lessons

When it comes to prophecy, sometimes we read things in the Bible that make sense to us. Other times, however, we need more context to see the bigger picture.

The Bible is full of prophetic messages that are relevant to us today. God often uses the messages of His prophets to wake us up and get us back on track with Him.

Join us as we explore major lessons from the Minor Prophets. This series will challenge you to become rooted in God's Word in 2024!

Messages in This Series

A "live" recording of each Sunday's message is immediately available via our YouTube channel.

Edited messages will make their way to our website below approximately one week after being preached.

Minor Prophets - Part 1
Minor Prophets - Part 2
Minor Prophets - Part 3
Minor Prophets - Part 4
Minor Prophets - Part 5
Minor Prophets - Part 6
Minor Prophets - Part 7
Minor Prophets - Part 8

Message Series Archive

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