Nursery at Canyon Hills Friends Church


We strive to provide a positive experience for each child and family by having a safe iPad check-in system, clean toys, clean changing area, and loving, trained caregivers.

Visit the nursery counter inside the lobby to check in your child.

If you would like to stay with your child, there is seating in the lobby so that you may watch the service.

When Not to Bring Your Child

Please bring your child only when well. We will not be able to check-in children that are ill. Please help us keep our Nursery a healthy place.

When You Pick Up Your Child

Present your claim tag to the volunteer at the Nursery Counter.

The Nursery Environment

We want to assure you that your child comes into a clean environment. The rooms are cleaned on a regular basis. Each crib, swing, and changing table is cleaned with antiseptic wipes after every use. Each baby placed in the crib has a clean sheet and blanket. The toys are washed after Sunday use.