High School Ministry at Canyon Hills Friends Church

Accelerate: High School Ministry at Canyon Hills

ACCELERATE gathers every Sunday and Tuesday to connect with God through laughter, music, fellowship, and challenging messages from God’s Word. This is a place where anyone (in any walk of like) can come, feel comfortable, laugh, and be challenged to grow closer to Jesus. Out goal is that students will become exposed to, experience, and express Christ, His kingdom, and the biblical purpose of His church. We do this by connecting with one another (fellowship), reaching out to others (outreach), and growing in our faith (teaching), all while serving with a humble heart. Check out ACCELERATE this week, and bring a friend!


10:45 AM

Upstairs in the Youth Room

Join us for worship, fellowship, and a relevant biblical study!


7:00 PM

Upstairs in the Youth Room

Join us for games, worship, fellowship, and an amazing small group study time!



Student Leadership Team

At Accelerate, we have a team of three student leaders who serve as mentors for the group through serving, praying, and seeking God together.

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