Fight for Your Family

Join Canyon Hills as we explore the role of the family in the Christian home. This multi-part series examines the Bible’s direction towards the family unit and focuses on the importance of elders in the family. From excuses to leadership, this series takes an in-depth look at how the world influences our families and how to combat those pressures to build a home where Jesus is the center.

Easter Weekend

How many of you would admit that at some point in your life you have needed to be rescued? This Easter, Canyon Hills explores the greatest rescue mission of all time. The Bible is full of examples where God has come to the aid of great Biblical figures. Ever since Adam and Eve committed the first sin, God has been bailing out His people from generation to generation. Yet, there is no greater rescue story than that of Easter. It is the moment when God reached down from Heaven and decided to rescue us. It is about God Himself coming to Earth in the form of Jesus Christ to rescue every human on the planet! Jesus actually did come! He is risen!

Invisible War

Have you ever wondered why life is so challenging? When life began for Adam and Eve, life was great! There was no sickness, no sin, no sorrow, no brokenness. However, when Adam and Eve chose to go their own way instead of God’s way, sin entered the world and life became difficult. Ever since then, we have been doing the same thing as Adam and Eve – doing what we want and what we think is best for our lives. This sin is the cause of all life’s problems. This battle is a battle for your life. We stand in an invisible battlefield where our enemy’s mission is to conquer us and hold us captive in Hell forever. So come and learn how to win the invisible war!

Getting Off to a Great Start

Everyone wants a fresh start and a second chance! We seek a new beginning that refreshes us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After constantly doing too much, we cannot be who God wants us to be. Be it persecution, an illness, or unresolved sin, Jesus can renew us like no other source. The promise of a new year cannot do it. An eight-step program cannot do it. Only God can give us the great start that we desire in our lives. Start this year with a new beginning driven by the all-powerful Jesus!