Romans Sermon Series Artwork

The book of Romans is considered by many to be one of the most important books ever written on the Christian faith. Writing to Christians, the apostle Paul defines the gospel, explores its depths, and discusses its significance and implications for the Christian life. Join Canyon Hills and we study this book together!

Birthday Sunday 2023

Birthday Sunday 2023

Come celebrate 33 years of making more and better disciples of Christ at Canyon Hills!

Mother’s Day 2023: The Story of Hannah

Mother's Day 2023

Today we look at the story of a special mother in the Old Testament: Hannah. Hannah’s life and faith are an example to all believers in how we should act when misunderstood and when our life isn’t going the way we wish. Listen to this empowering word and be encouraged no matter your circumstances!

Ideal Standards

Ideal Standards Series Artwork

As Christians, we need to align our actions – or our standards of living – on what really matters most, and that is living for God and trusting in His plan for our lives even when it may not be easy to do.

Easter 2023

The gospel is more than good advice — it’s good news! Join us for Easter at Canyon Hills to celebrate Jesus’ finished work on the cross, the miracle of His resurrection, and the new life and rest we have in Him.


Join us as we study Ephesians and explore the teachings of the apostle Paul. This series will expand your knowledge and grow your faith!


Recalibrate: Getting Your Priorities Back on Track

As a new year starts, it’s easy to fall back into old habits and ways of living. Over the next three weeks, we’ll talk about recognizing our priorities and how we can recalibrate ourselves to align with what Jesus is asking us to do. From procrastination to the people we surround ourselves with, we will discover through scripture how correcting our priorities isn’t just about changing our practices, but about having a new perspective to see the different life Jesus wants us to live.

The Path to Peace: Christmas 2022

Join us as we discover the overwhelming peace displayed in the lives of those closest to the miracle of Christmas. Mary, Joseph, the wisemen, and the shepherds all have a story to tell, and peace to share.

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude Sermon Artwork

How do we develop an attitude of gratitude? Join us as we explore the implications of our gratitude found in God’s word.