Normal life has changed dramatically in the last few months and continues to change every day. Between pandemic, fear, and anxiety, it is easy to lose our focus on the goodness of God and his perfect plan for our lives. Join us each Sunday as we talk about how “God Cares” about all of these things and our responses to them.

Man in the Mirror

We were never meant to be perfect. We were created to be loved. But we often get caught up in patterns of self-loathing and shame. Instead of focusing on what we see, let’s learn to see ourselves as God sees us.

Called: Following After God’s Calling

As Christians, if we’re going to truly call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ, there are a few things we’re called to do.

This series explores the essential callings that are true of all Christians – regardless of who you are or what you’ve done.

Elisha: A Ridiculous Calling

Can you imagine what could happen if we gave control of our lives to God? It’s scary, but the benefits are world-altering. The Old Testament story of Elisha challenges us to answer God’s calling and take the risks that are necessary to do His will.

Easter 2020

It’s so easy for us to glance over the Resurrection story because of our Easter traditions and festivities. But how often do we really stop to take a look at the beauty of what Christ really did for us?

Upstream: Navigating a Rapidly Changing Culture

We live in a culture that is rapidly changing. The response to Christians has gone from respect and admiration to indifference and hostility. Join us as we learn how to respond when the world around you no longer shares your values, priorities, and belief system. Don’t miss this inspiring series!


Join us at Canyon Hills for our latest message series, Uncomfortable. We’ll explore how to find hope in the challenges of being a Christian.


Have you ever made a list of things you need to start doing at the beginning of a new year? Why is the compulsion usually to add new things to our life? This year, what if we tried the opposite? What if we used this time of year – not to add – but to eliminate those things that prevented us from becoming all that God wants us to become? What if we inventoried our lives, and just quit some things? In this series we’ll be looking at scripture to help identify areas in which God might just love us to throw in the towel.

The Night Before Christmas

To keep our eyes fixed on Jesus this Christmas, we’ll be looking beyond the classic Christmas story to explore what led to Jesus’ birth in the first place. Why was Jesus born where he was? When he was? Come to think of it, why was he born at all? We’ll dive into history to examine what was happening in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Rome that will help us answer these critical questions.