The Marketplace

Is the anointing of God reserved for the pulpit? We elevate those in ministry believing they’re the ones who will change this world. But the next great revival in our nation will not come from a platform of preachers. It will come from you! It will spill out of the anointed men and women who are making a difference in the marketplace. Where you are is your place of influence. Allowing the Holy Spirit to use you will affect people no preacher could reach.

Could you imagine what this world would look life if anointed Christians started viewing their workplaces as pulpits? You don’t have to preach a sermon. Small acts of kindness will open doors for Gospel conversation. No matter when your find yourself today, there are no accidents. God sees you. There is purpose for where you are right now. Keep on! Be the light to those around you in the marketplace.

Carry Your Cross to the Marketplace

Into the Marketplace… Together! (Birthday Sunday)

The Marketplace – Go Carefully!