Life Groups at Canyon Hills Friends Church
Life Groups at Canyon Hills Friends Church

Life Groups at Canyon Hills

You are a part of God’s family. One way to better experience what that means is to get connected with others in your church family. Though there are many ways to get plugged in, few compare to a Life Group Bible study. Life Groups provide a way to connect with others, experience a sense of belonging, and hear from God through His Word. Our Life Groups meet on various nights of the week either on campus or in homes near the church. In each Life Group, you can expect to find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere creating a fun place to be.

Rooted at Canyon Hills Friends Church

First Time in a Life Group?

We know that joining a Life Group for the first time can be daunting not knowing anyone or going to a place you are unfamiliar with. To help ease your transition into Life Groups at Canyon Hills, we strongly recommend that each person looking to join a group for the very first time, start by signing up for our Rooted Life Group that meets each session. This Life Group meets on our church campus each week and will introduce you to some of the pastors and allow you to build some new friendships in a non- threatening environment.

Rooted is a 10-week program for people in every life stage, wherever they are on their walk with Christ. Rooted is a catalyst for life change where discussion is held in a group environment, creating a safe space for biblical exploration and practical learning experiences. Through these 10 weeks, rooted will help put into practice not only what Jesus did, but also help us to discover what our purpose is and how it fits within God’s broader redemptive narrative. For more information about Rooted, click here.

Winter 2020 Life Groups

Our current Life Group Winter session for 2020 will run from January 22 – April 1. Over these 10 weeks, groups will meet at various locations either at Canyon Hills Friends Church or at homes within a 10-mile radius of the church and they will meet on various nights of the week giving you the most opportunities to join a group! Currently, our Life Group ministry is directed by our Adult Pastor, Matt Dietz. If you have any questions or want to know more about a life group , please email Pastor Matt at

Current Life Groups

For our winter Life Group Session, we have a variety of topics being covered in each group from topical discussions on marriages, learning about Christianity through the eyes of a detective, and how to walk with Jesus to Book of the Bible studies focusing on Esther, Revelation, and more. See the full listing below of what topics are being covered on what night. Once you find a group or topic that seems interesting to you, using the registration form at the bottom of this page to sign up to get more information about that specific group. It is recommended that if you have a child to try and select one of the Wednesday night Life Group studies as those are the only groups that offer childcare at this time.

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