Just Do It

Hearing the Word must be followed by obedience. With the Word of God implanted in our hearts, it must sprout, grow, and bear fruit. Putting the seed in the ground is not the goal. Bearing fruit from the planted seed is the goal. In the same way, listening to the Word is not the goal. Obeying what we have heard is the goal. We are deceiving ourselves if we think listening is enough for righteousness.

This series, based on the book of James, explores how to be a doer of the Word. There are many in the Lord’s body who want to tell others what to do or always have a great idea. But who are the people who are listening? Who are the people that are doing? James is going to note this problem to help us construct a Godly life!

No Pain, No Gain

How to Make Up Your Mind

How to Profit From Problems

How to Win When Tempted

How to Treat People Right

Real Faith

Managing Your Mouth

How to Quit Playing God

Real Faith

How to Face Your Future

How to Relate to Others

How to Be Patient