Invisible War

Have you ever wondered why life is so challenging? When life began for Adam and Eve, life was great! There was no sickness, no sin, no sorrow, no brokenness. However, when Adam and Eve chose to go their own way instead of God’s way, sin entered the world and life became difficult. Ever since then, we have been doing the same thing as Adam and Eve – doing what we want and what we think is best for our lives. This sin is the cause of all life’s problems. This battle is a battle for your life. We stand in an invisible battlefield where our enemy’s mission is to conquer us and hold us captive in Hell forever. So come and learn how to win the invisible war!

When You Feel Like Giving Up

The Battle Inside Me

Getting Set Free From Me!

Armed and Ready

Why Is Life So Hard?

Being Faithful in a Faithless World

When Your World Falls Apart

Global Spiritual Warfare

Winning the Battle Against Temptation