The book of Revelation has caused much concern over the speculation of what is to come, but amidst all the panic lies the heart of the entire message: Jesus will reign forever. Join us on Sundays as we explore through the book of Revelation to see what God is revealing to us about the end times and how we should prepare.

Messages in This Series

Graphics appearing in black and white below represent future messages in this series.

Endgame: Part 2
Endgame: Part 3
Endgame: Part 4
Endgame: Part 5
Endgame: Part 6
Endgame: Part 7
Endgame: Part 8
Endgame: Part 9
Endgame: Part 10
Endgame: Part 1

Message Series Archive

Below is a sample of the most recent message series at Canyon Hills. Click on a graphic to hear messages from that series.