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To teach God's love and the exciting realness of Jesus in a safe place where all children can plug in, learn, revitalize, and move!

Meets Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 AM

During Sunday services, kids gather to worship God in an age-appropriate environment. This time includes teachings from the Bible, musical worship, and other fun activities.

CanyonKids Nursery Class


(Birth - 2 Years)
Our nursery is a place for babies and toddlers to discover who God is through the love, care, and prayer they receive from our volunteers.
CanyonKids Preschool Class


(2 Years - Kinder)
Our preschool room is a place where our leaders help children begin learning from the Bible that God made them, that He loves them, and who Jesus is, all while having fun with worship, crafts, and games.
CanyonKids Elementary Class


(1st - 5th Grade)
Where our leaders make it fun for kids to learn about the Bible and their faith, how to make wise choices, trust God, and love others. Here we get to dig deeper into what makes all this so awesome (and fun, lots of fun)!

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Preschool Lesson
Now is the time for our preschoolers to begin learning that God can help them be brave because the need to be brave - God-brave - will only grow throughout their lives. What is God-brave? God-brave is the kind of brave that does the right thing even when others don’t; the kind of brave that stands up to seemingly impossible circumstances; the kind of brave that trusts God during the darkest of times; the kind of brave that looks to God to help us be strong and courageous; the kind of brave that makes us SUPER KIDS - not because of what WE can do but because of what GOD can do.
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Elementary Lesson
God is always good. Since the very beginning, God has been faithful and true. If God makes a promise, God keeps that promise. We are created in God’s image, and when we live with integrity, we reflect God’s integrity. When Jesus lived on earth, He lived a perfect life and showed integrity in ways we can’t because of our sin. Jesus makes it possible for us to live as new creations. Through the Holy Spirit, we are being transformed into people of integrity. Who we are in private should match who we are in public. When we trust in God, we can make the wise choice and be truthful in whatever we say and do.